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 Dee O'Brien  

Hi and welcome!  I'm Dee, oldest, not necessarily the wisest of the TrueWill Studio, I've been tattooing in earnest since 2002 when I became apprentice to Ruth of Eternal Tattoos to whom I will always be grateful to for my introduction to the wonderful colourful world of tattoos, I previously had a background in Graphic Design, Portrait work and then later Henna tattooing, which I did for many years and still enjoy.


I have been very lucky to work in partnership with the two very gifted ladies and fast friends that are Sophie and later Rosie for the past seven years at the TrueWill Studio, which is very much a co-operative affair which we all take great pride in, always enjoying a good relationship with each other and our customers alike.


As an artist I enjoy a variety of styles and always happy to step up to a new challenge, on a personal level I have always enjoyed tribal and spiritual styles, including Mehndi, Polynesian, Celtic knotwork, Native American and Maori, and enjoy taking these to new levels, mixing the differences to form a hybrid style of my own. I also love black and grey, traditional and more recently fauna, flora and larger scale colour work. Small tattoos are a bit of a passion of mine and I like to give them the same attention to detail that I would a larger piece, always finding the results extremely satisfying and rewarding, both for myself and customers.


I'm a very sociable type and will always try to do my very best for everyone that walks through the door or calls the studio, whether it be walk-in work, cover ups, freehand or custom designed, I think its important to chat about your tattoo, throw around a few ideas and try as best I can to get inside your mind to see what you see in terms of design, in this way ideas can grow, the outcome being a tattoo both you and I will be happy with. Patience is sometimes required as larger projects can take time - but the wait is always worth the while. 


Customer relations and happiness are paramount to me and I have and always consider it the greatest honour to be allowed to adorn you all with my humble pieces af artwork and always look forward to meeting many more of you in the near future.

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