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I started tattooing in 2002 under the tutelage of Adrian Rothson of Connessione Latina. He taught me to look for the meaning and individuality in each and every tattoo, and to care - no matter how small the job is and to respect the customer. I remember spending hours just watching him work. He really inspired me, and still does!


I enjoy doing many styles of tattoos and i am very versatile, (although maybe not so much tribal). I put alot of thought into each project and pay special attention to detail. i do not rush my work, as I firmly believe it is the time and effort that will make the difference to the overall piece.


An intial consultation is paramount for me to get the 'feel' of a customer and assess if I am the right person for the job. I will turn down projects if their content does not agree with my own beliefs and morals.


My additional services include painting commissions and hope to soon have a gallery of work added to our site.


I am extremely proud of True Will Tattoos and I am humbled and privileged to be working with such talented ladies as Dee and Rosie.


Our part time 'tea lady' Dave is often around so if you're passing, make sure you stop in if only for a natter.


Cheers all!

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